I’m truly a grown up little baby that cries about everything and can’t relate to any of my peers/friends at all and I cry about that too and I feel awful about myself almost always which I’m sure annoys the like 2 good friends that I do have and that also makes me cry.

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"You look sad… when you think he can’t see you. Are you okay? And don’t just say you are, because I know what that means, looking sad when you think no one can see you."
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"I’m so fucking sick of saying I’m sorry when I’m the one collapsed on the ground."
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Ah for once I just want someone to love me the way I love them, with everything they have. I want for someone to spoil me and treat me, not even with extravagant gifts- just small things to show me they care and that they think of me. I want to do stupid shit, be idiots and always have fun. I want them to be afraid of losing me and to fight for every moment we can get together. Why am I always the one fighting when the other party doesn’t care about losing?


i am very proud of you for waking up today. you are very brave. existing can be hard sometimes and that is okay. i am proud of you even if all you did today was exist. i am proud of you for existing.

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it infuriates me when people tell me “lifes too short to not forgive people!” like NO lifes too short for me to continually allow abusive and manipulative behavior in my life and live in a constant state of anxiety bc I want to be “nice” or whatever

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"Look around you and look inside you. How many people do you think are settling? I will tell you: a hell of a lot of people. People are settling every day into okay relationships and okay jobs and an okay life. And do you know why? Because okay is comfortable. Okay pays the bills and gives a warm bed at night and allows one to go out with co-workers on a Friday evening to enjoy happy hour. But do you know what okay is not? Okay isn’t thrilling, it isn’t passion, it isn’t the reason you get up every day; it isn’t life-changing or unforgettable. Okay is not the reason you go to bed late and wake up early. Okay is not the reason you risk absolutely everything you’ve got just for the smallest chance that something absolutely amazing could happen."
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I’ll never settle for okay or mediocore

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